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Vineyard Florian Bouchon



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Florian Bouchon

I work meticulously to create wines of unique taste, of silky tannin. Above all, tasting them means to live a pleasant moment. 


Proudly attached to the value and history of my terroir, I have chosen methods that preserve the beauty and balance of the vineyard.


I form part of this new generation of winemakers open to the World, and for that reason precisely, I believe I must bear the duty to share these values. 


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« I have visited the domain under the rain, on December 23, and I found it beautiful »

- Florian Bouchon -

The Giant Séquoia

Château Ferreyres' symbol

In the heart of the Gironde, a few kilometers south-east from Saint Emilion, stand the hills of Pujols, a charming medieval village with its picturesque streets and remarkable architectural heritage.

Florian Bouchon's vineyard is rooted in the sunny slopes of Peyrouton Lieu-dit. The ancestral vines combine with a rare Flint soil. Here, varieties of Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc are growing under perfect sunny exposure.

This discovery will give birth, in 2015, to the project of Florian Bouchon : To establish here a dynamic exploitation, to enhance this unique terroir through a production of high end wines .

Little by little the vineyard has grown. Today, Florian Bouchon and his teams operate 31 hectares of plots.


Our Wines


The wines from Château Ferreyres are typically winemakers’ wine. The range of wines from Bordeaux and Superior Bordeaux sheds light on the the terroir’s Vineyard above all.


Vivid, expressive wines, the Château Ferreyres cuvee addresses curious palates, as well as experienced clients.

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